Residence Life

General Information
Residence Life at The University of Montana Western is committed to upholding the academic mission of the university within the campus residential setting. It is the goal of the Residence Life Staff to provide residents with a safe and respectful learning community. In Residence Life, we promote a fun lifestyle and a sense of belonging through a wide range of social and personal experiences.

Specifically, we:
  • stress the importance of education and being a student;
  • make the halls a fun and relaxed place to live by offering social and recreational opportunities;
  • are a staff that the campus knows and respects;
  • model a positive lifestyle for all students, despite background or life experience;
  • are fair and consistent in applying rules and regulations.
Our staff is taught additional values that we attempt to uphold throughout the school year, both on- and off-campus.

These values include:
  • Personal Development
  • Respect for others
  • Development of Unity
  • Development of Community
Residence Life operations are housed within the Student Affairs Division. Questions regarding residence life and housing should be directed to Wendy Mehring at (406) 683-7565. 

Wireless Routers Are NOT Allowed Anywhere On Campus.